Handmade pottery

Workshop dedicated to the elaboration of pottery and handmade ceramics

Handmade ceramic workshop

In our workshop we carry out all kinds of personalized ceramic art orders , guaranteeing the quality of our products and the speed of work .

In our handmade ceramic shop you can find a wide variety of products including: Ceramic murals, artisan ceramic dishes, ceramic signs for farms and streets, heraldic shields, Ceramic commemorative plaques, hand-painted ceramics, ceramic advertising items, religious images in ceramics, funeral ceramics ...

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You can also contact us through the phone numbers: 924 68 85 09 - 629 678 777

How to request your custom made ceramic artisan budget?

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Fast, comfortable, simple and personalized .

We make your sketch according to your needs and tastes.

Free without any commitment!

Requesting a quote will not cost you anything.

Direct relationship between the client and the company

Without intermediaries. Cerámicas Cuéllar is at your disposal .
Ceramic craftsmen since 1970
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What do we offer you as specialists in artisan ceramics?

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From Cerámicas Cuéllar we work to offer our clients the best experience. We design, personalize and bring your ideas to life by creating unique pieces in our handmade ceramic workshop since 1970.

  • Great experience in the sector
  • High quality products
  • The best customer service
  • 14 day money back guarantee 100% money back payment
  • Sent in 24/72 hours
  • Rapidity in the elaboration of artisanal ceramics

Ceramics and crafts
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ceramic crafts
Crafts on ceramics
ceramic crafts
ceramic crafts
ceramic crafts
Handmade pottery
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ceramic crafts

What techniques do we use?

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Thanks to our desire for innovation and the delicacy that we put into the production of the products, we use 4 techniques in our handmade ceramic workshop :


It consists of separating the colors by a stroke of grease, which causes the drawings to be highlighted. Although it can be made on vessels, it is almost always used on tiles, achieving a wide variety of images of all kinds with a spectacular color and texture, only achieved by specific enamels of dry rope. Through this technique we manufacture: Heraldic shields, commemorative plaques for all kinds of events (bullfighting, sports, cultural etc.), for municipalities all kinds of signs for the streets, entry milestones, local shields, numbers for houses, dishes ..., labels for farms, country houses, urbanizations, dishes with a variety of sizes and models, irons for livestock, advertising clocks, signage items (bathrooms, numbers for houses, etc.) Definitely all types of murals in any size .


Recently added to our artisanal workshop , this third fire ceramics allows us to capture any photograph of ceramics , any assembly, any sketch, that is, there are no limits, everything that the client wants to have a tile mural with almost no size limit we can do it in full color, black and white, sepia etc. We can translate any design into tiles, simply bring us a photo, postcard, stamp etc. And we will reproduce it to the size that it asks us .


In this technique the piece of terracotta is used, whether it is tile or crockery, we bathe it with an enamel that is almost always white, and we paint over it as if it were an oil canvas, just that, with ceramic materials, (vitrifiable oxides), which can be fused with the base enamel in the final firing in our ovens


Pottery is our main hallmark and one of the most important techniques we use as specialists in artisan ceramics . Our pieces are unique for their finish and textures, ideal for avant-garde decorations .

Artesanía con cerámica

Online catalog

Cerámica artesanal en Badajoz

We have an online catalog where you can enjoy all the handmade ceramic items that we have. However, you can consult us if you need a custom work.
From our online pottery shop you will be able to see, get informed and buy your pottery items online.
We adapt to the needs of each client and advise you which of our products is best in your case, trying to make your online, telephone or personal contact with us as satisfactory as possible.

You can contact us through the phone numbers: 924 68 85 09 - 629 678 777